Product Adoption Insights

Monitoring and interpreting product adoption behaviour is key if you're going to truly understand what your trial users need to do in order to see the maximum value during their trial.

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Define Your Key Conversion Events

We'd all like to think that our entire SaaS products are infinitely useful and drive meaningful value to our trial users.

In most cases, the reality is that there are going to be a small handful of events (page views / in-app actions) that directly correlate with a trial converting.

With OnboardFlow you can easily define your main conversion events and we'll help you monitor these over time so that you can identify bottlenecks and problem areas with your onboarding.

Track Custom Properties

Often times the real lightbulb moments come from identifying which of your trials unique attributes correlate with increased trial conversions (such as qty of projects created, tasks completed or team members invited).

In Twitter's case, they discovered that new users that followed 7 or more people were much more likely to remain active.

With OnboardFlow's powerful JavaScript tracker, you can monitor custom properties for each of your trials. OnboardFlow helps you unearth patterns and insights to help you understand whether there's value in encouraging your users to do more or less of that thing.

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