It all starts with our gorgeous dashboard. Designed to give you the 10,000 foot view of your SaaS trials, that you've always wanted.

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Trial Activity

Before you and your team can dig into the details, it's important to make sure that the basics are covered.

Easily monitor how many new trials you've brought in this period and what your conversion rate is (as well as how these are changing over time).

Product Adoption

Monitoring and interpreting product adoption behaviour is key if you're going to truly understand what your trial users need to do in order to see the maximum value during their trial.

OnboardFlow helps you focus on the key conversion events, page views and in-app actions, so that your team can pinpoint underused or problem areas.

Trial Attribution

So here's the thing - you might have a gazillion visitors landing on your site every month, but out of those only a handful will sign up for a trial.

OnboardFlow narrows down your teams focus, and helps surface where those trial signups are coming from so that you know which of your marketing activities are actually working.

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OnboardFlow is currenty invite only. Please contact us with any questions.