Trial Cohort Analysis

Track conversion and retention rates by weekly cohort, enabling your team to execute weekly experiments and monitor their impact.

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Weekly Cohorts

Every trial user is assigned to a weekly cohort. This helps you see how new trial numbers change each week, as well as how each cohort behaves (in terms of trial conversion and retention) as each week goes by.

Breaking your trials into weekly cohorts, makes it easier for you and your team to conduct (and then monitor the impact of) weekly sprints designed to impact conversion and / or retention rates.

Conversion and Retention Rates

Our Trial Cohort Analysis reports let you focus in on either Conversion or Retention rates.

With the Conversion Rate view, you're able to see which week (after having started the trial) your trials are converting. If you offer a 30 day trial and the majority convert in week 5, you might want to work on an experiment to see if you can encourage a certain percentage of your trials to convert in week 2 or 3, for example.

The Retention Rate view, on the other hand, helps you identify what percentage of your trials return to your product after week 1, week 2 and so on.

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