Trials CRM

Visualise your trials in a whole new way with our Trials CRM. Define pipelines, track what stage each of your trials are at and collaborate with your team to maximise conversions.

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Define Your Pipeline

With our Trials CRM, you can easily see what your Trial Users are doing and how they are engaging with your product.

Whether you have a custom onboarding sequence, or a pre-defined set of actions you like to see each of your trials take during their trial, its your pipeline to define.

Track Each Trial Individually

We all love to monitor high-level numbers and conversion rates, but to master your trial onboarding strategy it can be helpful to break away from the numbers and embrace the individual.

OnboardFlow helps highlight what each individual trial is doing and where they are in your pipeline so that you and your team can better understand their journey and if needed, reach out to them individually.

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OnboardFlow is currenty invite only. Please contact us with any questions.