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  • 100 Active Trials
  • 6 months Data History



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  • 500 Active Trials
  • 12 months Data History



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  • 1,500 Active Trials
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Data Sources

  • Advanced Data Syncing

    Your data sources, stats and reports will be synced and generated every couple of hours on average, ensuring that you're always in touch with the most up to date information.

    Please note: Due to the volumes, Data sources on Free plans are synced once every 24hrs to ensure that server loads are managed responsibly.

  • JavaScript Tracker

    With our powerful Tracker, page views and key UI events are logged for each of your trial and freemium users. You can even track metrics unique to your product (such as the number of team invites). This data helps ensure you gain a clear picture and understanding of your trials, freemiums and their behaviour.

Conversion Multipliers

  • Auto & Manual Messages

    Create segmented onboarding emails to maximise conversions. With the wealth of information OnboardFlow tracks, segmenting has never been easier. With Auto Messages you can create highly targeted emails to maximise conversions.

  • No OnboardFlow Branding

    Remove OnboardFlow branding from the emails and in-app prompts you send. You can also opt to have emails sent from your own sending domain, if needed.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Trials CRM

    Monitor the status and flow of your recent trials. Easily see what your Trial Users are doing and how they are engaging with your product.

  • Trial Cohort Analysis

    Easily track conversion rates over time and by weekly cohort. Gain insights into how your conversions are improving over time.

  • Custom Cohorts

    Depending on the nature of your business, product and onboarding sequence it can often be helpful to create custom cohorts of your active trials so that you can gain a more personalised picture. For instance, you might want to create a group of trials that have invited more than 10 team members (your super users) and another for those that haven't added any yet. Once custom cohorts have been created you can send auto messages, prompts and create dedicated lists within the CRM view to help your team focus on the most important trials.

  • Exit Surveys

    OnboardFlow's primary focus is to help you convert more of your trials. However, no matter how clever OnboardFlow is or how amazing your product is, a certain number of trials will never convert. With our Exit Surveys you're able to gain insights into why your failed trails aren't converting so that you can improve your onboarding flow, core product or messaging for the next batch of trials.